MM15 / MM16 Range

MM16 Crossbows


MM16 Troll Slayers

The top row were originally released as Giant Slayers and later absorbed into Troll Slayers with a hand variant.

MM16 Longbeards

MM16 Hammerers

MM16 Iron Breakers

MM15 Thunderers

 There were later releases under the Marauder 'banner' but didn't have a MM designator...


Troll Slayers 

There was an instance in a catalogue from the 90's where included in the Marauder section there were some of the new slayer sculpts including the current Daemon Slayer. I've deliberately left out the bottom four from the picture below as I don't consider them to be of the classic Marauder style.


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  2. Thank you for this very interesting compilation. I was aware about mm15 crossbowmen with detacheable hands being more than the 4 showed in the catallogue but thought that there were only 6 models and now i found there is a 7th one!!!!

  3. Thanks, glad you found it useful